About Your Love Story

By Ellie Dumigan (@lil.artbee)

Love stories can be sickly sweet and beautifully tragic, however, I have found that I’m always interested in the way these stories began. The first times, first impressions, first kisses, the first time the person knew they were head over heels in love. Beginnings are always so emotional and raw, new things being discovered and the people growing closer like puzzle pieces learning to fit and mould together. I love these beginnings so much that I wanted to collect them; I wanted to create a poetic piece of art that breathed pure emotion and, well, love.  So on a cold night after a lot of thinking, I decided to go for it. I jumped online and sent a text to as many people as I could think of. “Tell me about your love story.” And what I received back was probably the most beautiful collection of words I have ever gotten the chance to read. So beautiful that they had to be shared.


“Tell me about your partner”

It was like a massive weight had been lifted off me, I could talk to him about anything. He is my best friend. Any joy or pain he feels, I feel it ten times more. If he’s sad I’m sad, if he’s happy I’m the happiest person in the world. Thinking about him makes me feel like I’m a bird, soaring through the sky without a fear of falling. I count on him to be there for me when times are tough.

That’s the feeling I get when I think about him, or when I’m with him. He’s the best person I’ve ever met; I think everyone needs a person like him.

L - eighteen


“What do you think love means, what does it mean to you?”

To be in love is blissful, love creates this invisible ring around the both of us, it can’t be separated because we begin to miss each other, and we long for the touch of each. It’s a wondrous feeling, it’s euphoric, and love will never be able to be defined by science, as it’s different for everyone. The deep affection you feel for that other person is like an undiscovered feeling; every next time is just like the first time. 

J – sixteen


“How does love make you feel?”

I’ve always described love as being in the middle of one of those street performances with the loud music all around you and you’re dancing with all the people you love.

E – eighteen


“Tell me about your love story”

I actually met him briefly a while back before I decided to message him, a friend of mine used to have a crush on him too. He used to be very good at art and would go to art camps and I remember that he used to have really long fluffy hair. I thought he was such a cutie. I heard from a friend that some of the girls weren’t being all that nice to him, so I decided to message him.

I send “Hi!” and he was like “um, I’m sorry but who are you? I don’t know you” I was taken back at first but I eventually I explained and everything was good, we became best friends over time, always playing games together.  

L – seventeen


“Tell me about the first time you saw him”

First time I saw the person I’m now dating was at school, I’d been talking to him for awhile and I convinced him to come to my school, as he had just moved from another state. We were in assembly and I was looking around for him and then I looked over and saw him. He wasn’t what I expected, much taller and a lot skinnier but I thought he was even cuter in person. I was nervous and excited at the same time, he was really cute. Then I actually met him and he was adorable and dorky. 

M – seventeen


“How does it feel to wake up next to him”?

It’s amazing and becomes natural so quickly, which means that I don’t appreciate it all the time because it’s normal. It feels safe.

S – seventeen


What does being in love feel like?

It is the best and worst thing that can happen to you. It feels like your whole mind is dedicated to them. Everything you do is for them whether they are involved or not. Seeing them smile will make your whole life better.

A – seventeen 


“Tell me about your first kiss”

We were at the show and we were on the ferris wheel and I thought I should just be romantic and go for a kiss at the top, however, I chickened out and asked if I could kiss her instead. Apparently, she had been trying to show me that she was open to a surprise kiss but I was blind.

W – seventeen