If that door doesn't open, find another door. 

By Maya Wiggs

As a tiny speck of stardust floating in this mysterious Universe, I can speak from experience when it comes to encountering a foggy cloud in front of your path. We've all felt the tight rope sensation of a new experience, and we often question if we're going down the right road.

The Universe likes to give us signs. Whether that be the signal to stop or go in certain situations, or the wave of a butterfly, representing a loved one who's passed on. They're everywhere.  But often times, we can only see them if we shift our perspective. For some, that shift may be as tiny as smiling when you wake up each morning, but sometimes we have to train our minds to see and search for the good in everything that comes our way.

When times go to shit, I think of my life as a series of doors being opened, almost like the scene in Monsters Inc, where all the doors are being carried through the facility. The doors that I've traveled through have opened for a reason, and the doors you've traveled through have opened for reasons as well. There have been times where I've come across a door (remember, we're talking about experiences) that just wouldn't open. No matter how many times I knocked, kicked, and pushed, it wouldn't budge. That's a little message saying, "Hey, Maya! Wrong door!" So I moved on without looking back, and later realized how important it was that the locked door didn't open.

Sometimes the doors I tried pushing on would open at a later time in my life. An example would be my ability to write songs. For years and years, I struggled to write a simple song, accompanied by my beloved guitar. It was excruciating. I would seriously beat myself up over my inability to put some words together and sing them. Years passed, and once I finally stopped banging on that damn door, it opened, almost gracefully. I sat down and effortlessly wrote my first song in the spring of my freshman year of high school, and I haven't stopped creating original music since that day. Clearly I needed to gain a little more experience before my art could reveal itself.

We are the children of this magical Universe, so trust it. Have patience and trust that the right doors will open, and allow some to stay locked. Life isn't out to get you. We all came here to learn and grow into the best version of ourselves, and everything thrown at us is just a part of that process. So imagine leaning back into the arms of the Universe, and letting everything flow the way it's supposed to.

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless—like water." -Bruce Lee