Things Cybelle Loves

life is in the little moments, the things we can't buy, the details that appear only to our eye. the moments we choose to savor, like the last sunny full day of summer. here is a list of things Cybelle loves.




-take out Thai

-night time frank ocean drives


-phone calls

-love letters

-dresses in winter 


-tucking movie tickets and found photos into journal pages 

-puffer jackets with tank tops

-sharing headphones

-making weekdays feel like Sunday mornings



-frosty days slumped in bed going through old shoeboxes of photos

-random towns all over, the ones with a Chinese restaurant, a diner, movie theater, motel, arcade and laundromat 

-mismatched socks

-cuttings hair on kitchen stools 

-watching movies with little kids 


-driving somewhere just to drive somewhere. 

-having someone tell me a story 

-looking through other people’s photo albums 

-the bins in Portland 

-Priscilla queen of the desert 

-Nelson Sullivan video archives 

-taking videos of everything 



send in a list of recommendations & things you love here