Actually Following Through This Time

We've all been there. You set this amazing goal, this time it's going to be different, and this time you are going to actually do it. And then... it starts getting tough. Your goal is long but forgotten in the face of adversity, and you, once again, settle for something that's just.. kinda... eh. The relentless cycle starts again. Wanting to do better, doing ok, then getting frustrated and wanting to do better again, but just coming up short.

Time to stop this cycle and actually accomplish your goals. Get off the 3 mile per hour pony you've been safely riding, and get on that wild, bucking bull. Get healthy, go vegan, get an A in class, start a Youtube channel, try something new, save enough money for your trip to Morocco, and do that thing your gut has been telling you to do. Lucky for you, we have provided a few ways to get the fire started under you, and to keep it burning all the way until you reach your goal. Fuck yeah, let's do this.

Passion Planner- I just ordered one of these and already I feel so much more on top of everything. I think it really is a must have tool- you chart out your long term goals, and break them down into short term goals, and then break them down into months, weeks, and days. It guides you through everything & has space to doodle, write about good things that happened, and focus not only on success but positivity.

Don't Tell!- This may be counter to what you have heard, but you actually shouldn't talk about your goals out loud until you have accomplished them. Research has shown that talking about doing something produces a chemical response to trick your brain into thinking that you already kinda did it.. So hold off on instagramming about how you are going to run a marathon- until you actually run the marathon! You feel me?

Commit to the Process- It's easy to see that big shiny goal at the end, and want that, but do the opposite. As soon as you set your goal, forget about it, and commit to the process and what it is going to look like everyday. For example, if you want to get in shape, you are committing to waking up early and working out and eating well. Think about your goals in terms of pieces, and what wanting that goal entails you to do.

Do Whatever You Can RIGHT NOW- Sometimes we tackle a project so big that there are so many pieces to it, many that we can't do in the current moment. Don't get overwhelmed, just do what you can in the moment. There is ALWAYS something that can be done today. Even if it is a super small detail, or just making your plan of action, it is going to make your future tasks easier.

Get Organized- If you are shooting for something big, it helps if you solve small problems first to declutter your mind & be able to really focus on what needs to get done. So go through your room and get rid of what you don't need or don't use. Donate books you don't read anymore. Go through your email and delete everything that is not relevant to you today. Compile all the notes you have on your phone, journals, emails, into one place. Clear out pictures & messages on your phone that you don't need anymore. Straighten up every corner of your life and clear your path so that you can move forward efficiently.

Change up your space- If your goal requires you sitting at a desk for hours at end, make it a space that you look forward too. Add bright colors and good vibes. A potted plant to keep you company and a cute mug for tea. Paint yourself an inspiring poster.

Go shopping for new supplies- Call me crazy but I actually have always loved school supplies shopping- getting a set of untouched pencils, perfect pens, and highlighters that haven't been smeared by black ink yet. You may find some great tools, desk calendars, organizers, or something else that will totally save your life. Or if you have fitness goals, go out and get a cute new pair of gym shoes that makes you excited to get up everyday and go run!

Learn From the Best- There are so many successful people out there with messages they want to get out to you. Some books to pick up, You're a Badass, #GirlBoss, If You Have to Cry Go Outside. Also, listen to any Rich Roll podcast, he interviews the best and brightest innovators of today- some of my favorites are his conversations with Casey Neistat & Ryan Holiday.

Don't Be Afraid to Fail- This is the best way to learn.