Daily Bucket List

How often do you make a bucket list, for a season, for a year, or for your life, and tuck it away on some shelf in some journal to never be looked at or checked off. Things that sound so fun: skydiving, surfing, pumpkin patching, hiking.. all of these things can easily be dreamed up from the comfort of your living room, but instead of putting them to action, they end up on the back burner. Life gets in the way, and things that seem "more important" are put first.

Let's try, instead, a daily bucket list. No excuses, no "I still have months to do this" but a 24 hour bucket list, to be accomplished every day, before you go to bed at night. Focusing on small goals will help you persevere to reach bigger goals.

  1. Read something that is not on a screen. It can be a book, a magazine, a flier, a free newspaper, whatever you choose to read, focus all of your attention on it and put your phone down. Feel the pages, thumb through them, and rip them out.
  2. Write down things that happen. Whatever way you choose to record, it be one sentence a day, the best thing that happened to you, or a recap of your entire day. This life is your story and you should record it.
  3. Compliment somebody, and really mean it. Try to praise someone about something other than their outward appearance. Notice their talents, personality, sense of style, their manners, and speak up about it. It is okay if person you compliment is yourself.
  4. Cultivate Gratitude. Make it a ritual, either right when you wake up or right when you go to bed, list off ten things that you are genuinely grateful for.
  5. Sweat for at least an hour every day. Get your body moving in whatever way you love best. You can lift weights, run, do yoga, skate, surf, hike, find a workout on youtube (I recommend Blogilates), take a kickboxing class, and any other number of hundreds of ways to workout. Find one that you love, and do it everyday.
  6. Laugh uncontrollably. Laugh so hard you cry. Laugh so hard you pee your pants. Be with people who make you laugh, listen to stand up comedy, laugh at a TV show, and mean it.
  7. Cultivate positive energy. Stop being so negative all of the time. Look at a bad situation in a new light, look what you can learn from it, and how it will be once you emerge from it. Stop complaining. Start praising.
  8. Connect with nature. Go outside no matter what the weather is like. Even if it just for a few minutes, really sit and feel the energy swirling around you, the sunshine beating down on you, wind in your hair, rain on your skin, chilled toes.
  9. Tell someone that you love them, and mean it. This person can be yourself.