A Girl's Identity

There’s 8 girls. One with a mental illness that can’t stand to be alone.

One that swims in the ocean and lets the waves sweep her in.

Another that has purple hair with freckles on her nose. 

Another with beautiful brown eyes and skin that has an intoxicating laugh.

Another that’s having trouble with her boyfriend but still has fun.

Another that is secretly scared to speak how she feels.

And two more that walk hand in hand

whispering in each others ears and talking about their future together.

In all of their whimsical ways, they charm anyone that crosses their path. 

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The colour has left her face

The curiosity she once had in her voice

Is gone

Although, it’s coming back

With pain comes strength

And with strength comes integrity and empowerment. 

Girls. Girls who cry. Girls who laugh. Girls who don’t.

Troublemaking girls. Mentally unstable girls. Girls under the sun.

Girls hidden under their bed covers. Curious Girls.

Girls with strong opinions. Girls who are afraid. 

Girls under the gaze of boys. Girls under the gaze of girls.

Girls with light and life in their eyes.

Girls with brewing sorrow in theirs.

They all matter. 


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