Baby I'm Broke, But Let's Hit the Road

Sunny days are just around the corner. Late nights and early mornings. It's the time of year when we wake up groggy and dig for change in the bottom of our sandy beach bags to buy a cup of coffee. Our bralettes become shirts & jeans with rips in the booty become cutoffs. Lots of us start feeling cagey and want to get out of town, but we only have a few ones in our wallets.

With limited funds and our savings already spent on plane tickets, we've only got a few options... Give up on the trip or pack into the car.

Here are some tips to make your trips possible, and some photos to keep your mind on the beauty of a long desert road or highway heading to the beach.


Work your ass off. Try not to think about Monday mornings as a bummer, but a day to restock your wallet. Find beauty in grinding away to put some extra cash into your travel fund. That being said, don't settle for something you know is limiting you. If you have a passion, grab on to it and run. We all have to be a struggling artist at some point in our lives right? I'm pretty sure buying potatoes in bulk counts as grocery shopping... If your day job is holding you back, work hard to get one last big paycheck and then get out of there!


Call up all your friends. Fill every seat in the car. The more people, the more fun (and the cheaper it is for gas). Have everyone bring some snacks, a swimsuit, and a good music playlist. If you've got the whole gang there you're bound to have a good day!


Prioritize. A $50 shirt? Or money for a weekend away? Your choice! But if you want to head out on an adventure then I'd say pocket the money and buy a $3 tee at a vintage shop instead (plus vintage is way cuter + super unique). This comes into play with everything you use your money on! If you want to buy a ticket to see your babes in another city, then plan on minimizing purchases that week. Walk or bike when you can, eat at home, & try not to buy TOO many iced coffees.


Budget. I know it seems like a boring things that adults do... But if you look at your income for a month and how much you spend, you can probably revise it. Try to figure out where you can cut back (see previous tip!) Even look at seemingly necessary purchases like your phone bill + wifi and try to get a cheaper plan. Low quality wifi & less data on your cell=Money for traveling!


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