Be a Better Person

Here are 10 little ways that you can become the best you possible. After you read through these challenges save this photo and make it your phone wallpaper for a constant reminder! We hope that once you've completed all of them you begin incorporating the challenges into your daily life. 

Go Vegan for a Week

Veganism is all about compassion, and when you lead a compassionate lifestyle you're making compassion a habit. Try to remind yourself that you are what you eat, I don't mean that if you eat a carrot you'll become a carrot. Rather that if you eat with love rather than animal products full of fear, you'll be on the road to happiness.

Call Up a Friend You Haven't Seen in a While

Spread love. If you haven't chatted with someone you love in while, call them up or write a letter. You never know what they're going through, your kindness could be exactly the support they need. Plus if you show that you're there for  them, they'll be there for you! It's a cycle.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Who says you can't be your own best friend! Being the best person you can be doesn't just mean being the best to those around you, but to yourself too. Sit down with some tea, crystals, and a piece of paper. Write about who you've been in the past, and who you are now, most importantly what you love about yourself. Fold it up and put it in a fancy envelope, sign your name (maybe add a little lipstick kiss) and stick it in your desk for a day you're feeling down.

Shop Locally and Ethically

Your money is your vote! It's easy to turn your head from this and look the other way, but when it comes down to it, we choose who and what we support. Fast fashion companies with poor ethical morals aren't the best choice. Choose quality and products made with love, shop locally and ethically. I know it's not an all at once choice, I'm still working on it too!

Learn Something New

Knowledge is power. A power that makes you feel proud of yourself and ready to take on creative and intellectual situations. So if you've always wanted to learn to cook, to do pottery, to speak another language, or whatever else, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Stay Off Social Media for a Week and Spend Your Time in Nature Instead

Social media can push you away from what you truly believe or who you really want to be. Nature is raw and pure. Let your mind re-adjust to your gut feelings and opinions, that way you'll be speaking your truth and being the best you towards others.

Don't Say Anything Negative for a Whole Day

Most of the time, negativity isn't needed, people just use it as a conversation filler because it's easy. It may not seem obvious while you're gossiping, but that drastically impacts how others view you, it damages relationships. Be kind, keep negative thoughts to yourself and think about why you feel the need to talk about things like that. After a while, it'll become a habit! Positivity can be your new norm.

Put Notes of Encouragement Around Your Home (i.e. You've Got This or You're Loved)

Everywhere you go, you'll feel love and those feelings will seep into your actions. Simple as that, it comes full cycle, showing yourself love-showing love to others-others showing love to themselves-and showing love to you. It ends with us all living lives full of love.

Go Makeup Free for a Day

You are no better or worse when wearing makeup. Unfortunately societal impacts have taught us that we are less worthy if we don't fit their standards of beauty. Re-train your mind to believe that your bare face is beautiful, because it is. Even further than feeling beautiful on the outside, it'll help you feel beautiful on the inside.

Wake up and Make a List of 5 Things You're Thankful For

Gratitude is an important step in living a happy life. If you go about your days thinking about what's unfortunate all the time, you'll feel unhappy. Whereas if you think about what is wonderful, you'll begin to naturally think about the good.


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