So where do you find creativity? We must start at the core, from the inside out, we must find the parts of ourselves we have long since closed off and then begin peeling the layers of self conscious and doubtful thoughts in order to find what we really are. To find the creativity that lines the inside of our skin.


Sometimes that isn't as simple as it seems, creativity is the whirlwind of passion, love and a greater opened mind. It requires a different and new approach to something, whatever it may be as art poetry, sex. Any and every form of expressing ourselves. Creativity is the essence of life itself, creativity is the dwindling wind chimes in a hurricane, creativity is beauty, creativity is ugly,  creativity is the sound of your favorite music playing inside your ears, dribbling through your mind, and possessing your body with good energy.

Creativity is art, creativity is YOU!

Deep deep down sits your soul, glittering so bright only to be dulled by an endless ebb and flow of emotions blocking our capability of creating. There is an art to turning emotions into a pieces of color. Into compelling words and inspiring movements. It is patience and control paralleled by chaotic carelessness. In every opportunity we must find a positive reason to take it, never say no to any opportunity. Learn always. Reach out to the birds in the trees, hike a mountain, take a moment, meditate, have a bottle of whiskey and talk to the girl with purple hair. Keep a pen & paper with you always. Scribble down how things felt, watch the color sink with the sun.


All of this connects us to the soul question... where do we truly find creativity?


CREATIVITY IS EVERYWHERE WITHIN AND IN AROUND YOU! The colors twirling off of Picasso's paintbrush, the trees dancing, the breeze, books and statues, old glasses and pretty plates, the ripped jeans, the woman sitting on her balcony. Everything can be an inspiration for creativity.


Be opened minded towards all the signs that the universe gives you every damn day, express them in every way you can.

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