I've Got Time on My Hands

Woke up at 8. Not much to do that day. Opened the windows in the house. Put on a pot of water. Walked outside to the lemon tree and sat in the sun. Not much to do that day. Bought a plane ticket. Made some tea. Took a bath. Kept climbing back into bed. Hopped on the train. Off to the beach. Bought some flowers. Music in my ears. Not much to do that day, but sometimes it's nice that way!


If you have a free day, soak it up. Here are some things you can do:

Go to a record store, flip through the second hand or $1 records.

Call up a friend. They deserve some love.

Write to someone back home, seal the envelope with a red kiss + glitter.

Climb on your bike and ride along the beach.

Find a quiet corner of a book store and sit there all day. Flip through book after book.

Dance around your house in your underwear.

Drive to the beach and sit in the sand.

Plant a garden and watch it grow.

Sleep, I hope you have beautiful dreams.

Paint. On your body, a canvas, the wall.

Go to a yoga class and recharge your body.

Hide out in a cafe and people watch.

Make a video talking about something you're passionate about, change doesn't come without action.

Write notes to yourself and leave them around your house, you too, deserve to feel loved.

Meditate, take in this moment exactly as it is.

Go for a walk, feel the breeze.

Blast music and reorganize your space.

Go thrift shopping and get sassy.


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