Style Instinct

There’s no how-to roadmap to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude. 
— -Iris Apfel 

I got into this space with fashion where I was listening to what other people were defining it as. Reading comments saying that they loved my hippie, 70s, boho, or whatever other adjective, outfits. Those words defined my style. I started asking myself as I flipped through racks or scrolled online, "is this 70s?" instead of "do I like this?"

I was looking for clothes that fit what I thought my style was. Creativity with my personal style was out the window because I was overthinking it. Planning instead of acting on instinct. The best outfits are all instinctual, and make you feel most like you in that moment.

I felt disconnected to myself because I didn't know what to wear, which sounds crazy.

So I decided to drop all inhibitions and get back to my gut feeling. I wanted to return my brain to snap-second decisions instead of mulling over clothes and deciding what would be perceived best. I challenge you to do the same. The way I did it was scrolling through tumblr, having half a second to decide if I liked something or not. If  I did, I dragged it to a neat little folder on my desktop. You can do the same thing by ripping images out of magazines or screenshotting things you find on your phone. Whatever method you choose, give yourself half a second to decide if you like it. Save everything, no second guessing, just yes or no. You will be surprised with what you are drawn to and how it differs from what you are actually wearing.

These are the images that I instinctively chose & a little blurb as to why I was drawn to them.

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