The Real World

The deeper I dive into my own true self, the clearer my vision becomes as I look out over others' blurred perspectives of reality. They put one large ego of an egg in an unstable, broken, holey basket. Why? Why is it so hard to use logic and common sense to see that social media is not a real world? While it is a great tool and platform to share your passions and creations, it could easily disappear tomorrow. And if it did disappear tomorrow, I ask: how would you feel? Would you look back and think "For what?" or would you be able to accept the fact that this platform is no longer available and not let it stop you from creating and sharing what your beautiful mind has to offer.

I often see girls promoting strictly looks on social media, just running a personal life as a business, as if she is more valuable than someone on the other side of the screen. They blatantly put themselves on this pedestal and scream "LOOK AT ME, I HAVE BEEN BORN TO FIT CERTAIN STANDARDS THAT SOCIETY HAS DEEMED AS BEAUTIFUL" and don't stop to take a step back when the girls that are looking up to you only comment "I look like such trash, how come I will never look like this."


I don't want to write this to hate on those who have become so superficially sucked into needing the attention from social media as I know some things are hard to back out of, but I do want to speak up and tell you there are more fulfilling things than one million followers and 500 comments. Why do these girls with such huge voices not challenge themselves and the hundreds/thousands/millions of girls that look up to them to stand up or sit down and truly think about what is going on with themselves, this world, and society? Why don't we talk about why we are the way we are and how we as a powerful generation can change and be more than just Internet kids. Why are we allowing this generation to spiral into a pitfall of despair run by outward appearance and ignorance towards genuine self-improvement. There are important conversations that need to be had by YOU and discovered by YOU so you can begin to understand the deeper meaning of all this and to realize we have to make this society better for those who are about to come into it.

 Now, I am not trying to hate on social media and its users because uh hello, I like it too and hey sometimes you'll feel like posting a selfie, BUT, I learned that social media is nothing but an extra tool for you to control. It is not a world that should control you.

Start questioning your social media sphere. Ask yourself...

Is what I am sharing fulfilling me? Is it my true voice or what I think others want to hear?

Who am I following? Is what I allow myself to see what I want my reality to be?

How does this make me feel? Unhappy with my life or inspired to live?

Who can I follow to be happier, who can I unfollow to be happier?

How can I define what social media is for me instead of letting it define me?

deeper thoughtsHaley Appell