An Ode to Me

This year I fell in love

Probably more than once

But most importantly with myself

With every inch and crease of my body

And every nook and black hole of my mind

Of course I’m not perfect and I’m not 100% my ideal self

But I am me

And I am happy with me

Because of where I’ve been and how much I’ve grown

And how the little things don’t hurt me anymore

Because I am too strong to let them

And maybe I’m not happy everyday but I am content

Content with my being and with every little thing I do

Pleased to be in my body

And satisfied with the ways I use it

For I am my vessel

My own beautiful vessel

That was once a small seed left in the dark looking for the sunshine to grow

And now that I've been fed by the rain and sun

I relish in my grow

I look at my beautiful self with pride

Because I am me

And I made me


love letters, selfFii