For the Dreamers

I woke up beside my friend and immediately rolled over and told her about a really bizarre dream I just had. Those 20 seconds after waking up are precious- the fabric of your dream starts to dematerialize as you enter back into reality. Those vivid colors, moments, feelings slip away in a matter of moments. Listening to anybody else talk about their dreams is one of the most annoying things ever- partly because half of the story is "wait, I forget how we got there, and I kind of forget what happens next, but you were there, I'm pretty sure," and partly because it doesn't exist in your world.

My friend sleepily smiled and said "isn't it weird how we go to sleep and enter into different worlds? And even though we are lying next to each other we are apart from each other."

But we aren't just apart during our sleep, we also are in different worlds when we day dream. Even if we are fully aware and beside another, you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing something completely different. What is a dream if it's not reality?

This mood board & playlist is for all the dreamers out there


You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

-John Lennon

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