Full Moon Ceremony

The moon is the closest astronomical body to Earth. It has an array of effects on the planet and humans. Women are particularly connected with the moon and it’s cycles. Our period cycle is the exact same amount of days as the lunar cycle!

One cycle of the moon takes 28 days to complete, gathering and releasing energy the entire time. There is a powerful build up of energy that takes place on the day of a full moon, with that energy comes opportunity. Opportunity for release of old energy that one has held onto, and acceptance of new energy that can be turned into action. This is a great time to perform a moon ceremony and incorporate your crystals.

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What you need for a moon ceremony:

Water Bowl

Crystals of choice (or that connect to that full moon)

Paper or Journal

Lighter or matches



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-Step 1-

Lay out a blanket and create a comfy environment. Burn incense, sage, light a bunch of candles and turn off the lights in your room. If you have a patio or backyard it’s best to perform the ceremony outside! Let your desired moon ceremony area fill with the light energy or smell to create a sacred space.

-Step 2-

Run your crystals through the bowl of cold water, then bring them to your heart and imagine them radiating light.

-Step 3-

Arrange them on the ground in front of you. It can be in a pattern, or just in a row in front of where you are seated. Don’t over think it, just place them in a way that feels natural.

-Step 4-

Write on a piece of paper everything you wish to release and on the other side the things you wish to find. Burn this paper and spread the ashes.

-Step 5-

Sit back and meditate on your intentions and manifestations. You can hold some crystals or arrange them around you. Bonus!: Put a jar with water under the moonlight and leave it until the morning. Drink it in the morning!

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