Gifts From the Heart, Not Your Wallet

10 gifts that'll cost you next to nothing and will mean a lot.
Pull inspiration or re-create one of these ideas for a unique, inexpensive present!


Y O U R   F A V O R I T E   B O O K

cost: free-$

Grab your favorite book off the shelf, if it's too loved and can't be parted with, rally one from a used shop. Read through it again and underline phrases that stand out. The ones that stay in your mind long after you've walked back into the cold. Colors or vivid descriptions that'd be a shame to miss. The more worn the pages, the worthier. It adds character and a story tracing the blank space between the words.

"When did coffee drip onto that page?"
"Whose phone number is this?"
"Oh, a grocery list just fell out of pace 57!"


P R E S S E D   F L O W E R S  &  A  P O E M

cost: free

Whether in Giverny, your garden at home, or a flower shop, look for fallen petals. Gather  the bruised blooms and press between heavy books. Once they've dried and hold their poised shape, glue them down, or wrap in ribbon, dust with glitter, and accompany alongside a handwritten poem.

baby blue,
clouded by thoughts,
specks of sun,
has your toothy grin
 made it miles?
Hope to see you soon.
Pour my heart out,
in the form of words,
on napkins across the city.
They'll not find their way to you.
But look at the sky,
And you can see my thoughts,
Of you.


J O U R N A L // L O V E   L E T T E R

cost: $

Peel back the cover and crease the spine. Mark the first page with whimsical musings of the moment or melancholy recollection of the first days you two spent together. Years from now as they flip through their journals to see what they felt in 2016, they'll spot a note from you!

I thought of you lots today. Mostly because my phones dead and I meant to call. 
I'm in the living room sitting on your favorite chair. Seeing you change this year was beautiful. It felt as though no time had passed since June, but now seeing you in late December I know you've gathered years of wisdom in short months.
Love You Always.


T H R O W   T H E M   A   T E A   P A R T Y

cost: free

A handful of friends, silk robes and velvety roses. Earl grey in mismatched cups alongside homemade cookies. Poetry and painting. Or opt for a two person "tea" party with coffee in big mugs instead. Quality time doesn't cost a thing.

R A I N Y   D A Y

cost: $$

The gift they'll appreciate on a not-so-bright day. Gather enough change for a latte, pluck a bottle of red nail polish from your room, pick up a museum pass and umbrella (incase it's actually raining outside). A few bucks for a single rose. And a note for encouragement, of course!


C E L E B R A T I O N   I N   A N   E N V E L O P E

cost: $

If you can't see eachother during the holidays, stick all the tiny necessities into an envelope and seal with a heart. Glitter, confetti, balloons, lipstick, and a party hat! So precious, so small and unexpected. They'll recieve it in the mail and think it's a letter... Until they're bombarded (in the best sense) with a mini party!


S H O R T   S T O R Y

cost: free

Make believe like in 5th grade writing class. Princesses and castles. A day in the life of a guinea pig named Daisy. A girl moving across the country to follow their dreams. No matter how juvenile or the opposite. Explore character depth and don't be afraid to write it all on pink paper with a glittery pen!

Detail the place and time it's best read.

i.e. read me on the subway, mid morning, and here's a playlist:
in the morning-keaton henson
winter song-the head and the heart
lilac wine-jeff buckley
socail sites-cosmo pyke
helplessness blues-fleet foxes
first day of my life-bright eyes
elegy-mild high club


M A P   O F   T H E   C I T Y // P L A C E S   Y O U   G O   T O G E T H E R

cost: free

Picnic down by the river, coffee across the street from your childhood home, letting a day wither at the book store. Pinpoint the places you used to, or do go together. Draw a map of the city marking the paper with colorful pain splotches and sketches that signify those places. Write a note with each, a reason it stays in your mind over the others. Now they can go on a walk around the city visiting places that'll remind them of you.


O N E   O F   Y O U R   R E C O R D S  &  A  N O T E 

cost: free

If they came over to your place, what record would they put on? Slip it and photo with a words scrawled on the back into the sleeve. It holds more value than a new one, because there are memories of the two of you (in addition to your favorite song) hidden in the grooves of the record.


C O L L E C T I O N   O F   F I L M // P O L A R O I D S   O F   T H E M

cost: free

Flip through photos stacked on your shelf or tucked in your wallet. Find the ones where the sun left a mark across their freckled cheeks, or they fell asleep mid conversation, tired eyes still dotted with glitter. The images they've forgotten or never knew existed. Words aren't the only way to express the beauty or love you see in someone. Bundle photos together and wrap in a square of silk from the dollar bin or better yet your own room.

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