Have a Care in the World

Photos & Words by Patrick

The words ‘lonely’ and ‘alone’, to me, are often solely constructed by the differences I have from others and built up social exclusion. However, being alone is one of the most empowering things an individual can partake in. 

Human connection and socialising is, as well, another empowering action. However, the shouts can get too loud, the arguments turn into insects buzzing in my ears.

The lack of respect and awareness makes me forget why I even initially left the house. My anger heightens. No conversations flow and we don’t seem to ‘get’ or understand one another. 

My levels of self-consciousness rise when my opinions are trodden on and laughed at. As if it’s some sort of joke. In fear of being labelled as ‘complaining’ or ‘grumpy,’ I shut up and pretend.

I pretend I don’t have a care in the world when really I’m filled with more rage than before I stated my point. With the growing appearances of society in Social Media, many confide in others their worries about dominance and rape culture.

Only to have their ideas turned into jokes, people of Islamic culture being classed as ‘just terrorists’ or ‘bombers’ I worry that due to the fast expansion of social media presence, future generations will believe that these concepts are normal and should be found as a form of entertainment and comedy. Society is so frightened and shocked by differences between races that some individuals feel the need to literally publicly humiliate others!?


Anyone has the power to protest and ‘rebel’ against Social Media’s darker ideas. It could be as easy as simply stating that (e.g) mocking someone’s ethnicity or culture is wrong, asking the person if they are willing to remove the photo/text post as an act of apology to anyone that may have been offended, and if continued, eventually; step up and elaborate on what you honestly think. There is no harm in caring and standing up. I remember so vividly in high school, I used to think it was cool to not care, to laugh with everyone else at offensive jokes, to not think twice, to judge the kids of different backgrounds as everyone else was doing so.

Caring and awareness comes through so many different mediums; physical (IRL,) paintings, writings, books, speeches, photographs, music. 

 Own your experiences and defend yourself if no one else does. 

Defend each other at all costs.

Care. It's cooler.