Live a Happier Life

Little steps that’ll help you feel happier:

Don't take everything so personally. Everyone is going through their own shit, and what they say or do is a reflection of them, not you. Being able to separate yourself from taking everything personally will help you from letting others bring you down.

Dance. Dance whenever you want. Dance to your favorite song in your underwear. Dance your fucking heart out. Dance all the negativity away. Dance as crazy as you want. Dance alone or with strangers or with all your closest friend. Just dance, it makes everything better. (it’s good exercise too!)

Don't let your demon control you. It will try and take over your mind and make you hate yourself but karate kick that fucker in the ass. You are in control of yourself. You don’t have to listen to the demon telling you mean things to try and hurt you.

Say whatsup to your demon, but then ignore him. Put on that outfit that makes you feel like hot shit and shake your butt in his face.

Do whatever you want. Kiss as many people as you want and don't let anyone define you. You are the creator of your own journey, so fill it with whatever you want.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you, whether physically, mentally, or creatively. People that push you to do more for yourself are the type of people that will benefit you the most.

Don’t forget to make time for yourself. Your happiness and sanity is your most important job. Don't mistake socializing for self worth.

Breathe. Breathe a lot and breathe deep and don't forget to breathe through everything. Breathing can help you stay calm…. And alive !

Avoid relying on anyone or anything but yourself. People are good and drugs can be nice but you are the only thing that can make yourself continuously happy.

It's okay to cry, cry your eyes out, it's therapeutic as fuck, but don't let your sadness consume you for too long. Dwelling on your sadnesses will only make things worse. Find an outlet to get the negativity out. (singing, dancing, painting, running, etc)

It's okay to be upset. Let your emotions flow and don't get mad at yourself for feeling. Letting your emotions out is refreshing.

Learn about yourself. Figure out what makes you feel certain ways and take advantage of your self awareness. Life hack: being self aware can help you control of your feelings.
Don’t forget to practice gratitude. Although everything in your life may be ideal, being thankful for what u have will boost positivity and it is said that practicing positive emotions can extend your life but seven years!!!

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