Love Letters to Strangers

Nostalgia floods over me passing places I used to know. The same for people I never have. When winter turns blue I drift off into a spiral of  non sensical love letters I wont send. I do it mostly because I hyper-romanticize moments, but what else is there to write about in winter?

Here are love letters to strangers, written by you.


The sky was blue, in early spring and the weather was warming. You wore navy, as if you were unconsciously reflecting your mood. Your soft features were shaped into a somber expression which made it seem as if You didn't want to get off the train. Did you want to get off the train?

I wonder if you saw those two girls, both younger than you. Giggling, debating whether one should follow their instincts and speak to you. I was one of those girls. I had the blonde hair and blue eyes next to the one with brown hair and freckles.

Something about you told me you had a story to tell. I don't know whether it was your slouched posture or the headphones dangling down your chest. It might've been the cigarette packet, foreign to the area because it didn't have the gruesome images of gangrene or rotten teeth. You were poetic. In my mind at least. You carried yourself as if you were made of words, lyrics even. You formed a song I was dying to hear. I sat on that train and the hours that followed making up stories of who you were, why you were on that train, why you were in this city. Why you looked lonely.

You opened your cigarette packet and placed one in your mouth. You stay like that for one stop ignoring the "no smoking" signs around the train. Standing up, pulling out a lighter and walking to the doors. The train slows and you move from the train, cigarette still hanging from your mouth.

I wanted to ask if you were okay. Because for a minute, I think I loved you.


i'm so in love you

but its not like the way boys like fire

or the way girls like water

its a strong love

a love that only the stars could read

but even so the stars are spilt across the sky

like a broken jar of salt

they are so infinitely apart yet so close from afar

and yet i'm so in love with you

but its not like that fake love

gosh no it's anything but fake

for each time i see you i get all fuzzy

but its not like that cliche fuzzy

its a literal fuzziness that warms the insides of my palms and of every surface of my body.

and so i'm so in love with you

its so hard to explain

for i feel i could go on and on

about how much i think of you

and i am in love with you

- Emily


the way your lips move slightly into a grin when someone else in laughing
the way your eyes glitter with a carnival of colors
the way you tap your feet to the beat of any song that comes on the radio
the way you brush your hair behind your ears with your fingertips
they way you clench your hands together when you're nervous
everything. everything you do.
it makes me fall in love with you over and over again. everything about you. every day over and over again. that's what makes me love you like I do.



through the scratched window on the bus you stand out
your glittery lashes remind me of the sky lit up with stars on a summery night
I love the your Beatles shirt and fur coat, and especially the tiny daisies tucked loosely in your belt


The absence of love
slips through the cracks
as I see the afternoon light
hit his eyes, runs to his dimples
and I have never seen him looking
so beautiful while he was doing
nothing but half closing his eyes
because of the sun
I don’t know his name really
but he looks like he could
make me laugh
and cracking someone’s code
is wonderful
nothing can compare
to knowing someone fully
nothing was more beautiful
that the sun hitting his face
that afternoon.


Dear Tonight,

I am in love with every part of you. I am in love with the barista behind the counter, making the perfect cup of coffee and smiling at me. I am in love with this table, wooden and worn, telling a story of it's own with each scratch and scrape. I am in love with this light, the last of the day's sun pouring in through the windows beside me. I am in love with these strangers, with their laughs and their smiles, as they tell stories and connect with one another, reminding me all the while that I am never truly alone. I am in love with the flickering candles, the green-painted walls, the uneven floorboards, the lonely piano in the corner. I am in love with a boy, though he may not know it. More importantly, I am in love with this life. And I am in love with you, tonight. Nothing can last forever, but my love for you is enough for me, and enough for now.

In love

with you,


What a good place to be.

Yours, for a mere few hours more.



Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
an uncertain bug-eyed figure stepped my way, mouth gaped open,
"do you reckon Frenchman street is this way?" he must have
known i was a local street rat. i knew he wasn't from the way
his tongue formed diction. one hand clenched his dusty blue-blonde hair,
the other cupped the remnants of a cigarette packet.
i did reckon the direction he was headed. he uttered,
"i'm sorry to bother you."
i ensured it was no bother as i kept on my way,
sending the bug-eyed figure his way. must be quite a nice thing,
to be foreign in a place
like this
a clumsy blue boy
alone in the perfect place
French Quarter daydream

dear stranger,

i think i'd like to get to know you.

tell me what makes you stranger than most

and i'll tell you why you should hold onto it dearly.

sincerely yours,

a passerby



There's something magical about knowing this will be the first and most likely the last time seeing you. You looked nice today. The blue sweater complimented the green in your eyes. Your hair was in a messy bun and from the way you were walking you were late. But what were you late to? Perhaps i'll never know. But what was running through your head when you passed me on the street? Are you in love? Are you healthy? Perhaps i'll never know. You were carrying a tan coach handbag and a fat wallet. What do you keep in your bag? What can you not live without? Perhaps i'll never know. But sometimes you don't have to know, and there is beauty within that.



I really miss everything about you. Your eyes and little hairs above your lips and your voice. I really miss your voice. So so so much. I want nothing more than to hear it. I wish you left me a voicemail once so I could just listen to it. I remember your voice but it's slightly fading and I really want to hear it again. 

You were always so self-conscious about your nose. You thought it was stupid and too big for your face. I loved it. I used to stare at it and just think how different it made you. I loved it so much. I loved always talking to you and the fact you were always there without fail.

I miss you hand squeezing mine whenever we went walking. I miss your arm around my waist when guiding me somewhere. I miss your chin on top of my head and falling asleep on your chest. I miss you kissing my forehead and feeling your breath in my hair. I miss your room and your blue walls and race car bed spread and books above your head and your little crafts and the picture of the chair you drew but the legs weren’t draw logically so they make no sense. I miss listening to music with you and laughing at my mistakes and your laugh. I miss your laugh a lot. I miss your voice so much. I miss you so much. I really miss you. 

I'm walking home slowly and imagining you here beside me. You're scratching your arm and walking slower than myself. I turn to look back at you and there you are, smiling at me. I turn back to the footpath and start running away from you laughing. I hear you run after me and within a few steps feel your arms circle my waist and lift me up kissing my neck as you do so. You fling me over your shoulder and start running again, holding onto my legs. I'm squealing and laughing and begging you to put me down. You eventually do and lie me down on the ground, lying down as well with you head on my ribs. You grabs my hand and entangle your own in it, fitting your fingers perfectly in the ridges between your own. You look up towards the sky, your head rising and falling with my breath. You looks up towards me to see my eyes staring up at the dusty blue sky. You turn back to watch the clouds before turning over your body to kiss my lower stomach. It is soft and slow and you move up my abdomen following your hand which glides over my chest towards my mouth. You grasp my jaw and pulls it towards yourself, pulling me up onto elbows then down on top of you. I can't help but smile in between kissing but I do and you stop to look me in the eyes and smile. You strain your neck to reach my forehead and pecks it before wrapping your arms tightly around my neck and pulling me down onto the grass next to you. My arms encircle your stomach and my head rests on your chest, now rising and falling with your breath. I close my eyes and begin to fade away. 



Maybe you adore the way the afternoon sun shines through and dapples your bedroom door with freckles of light. Maybe that tattoo that inks your shoulder is something you regret; one that reminds you of a lover long gone. Or maybe it was a reckless decision, one that was etched into your skin on a night you spent drunk wandering the glittering city streets with your friends. Maybe one time when backpacking you were given a rose by another stranger in Dublin.


I can see me in you. I see bits of me in everybody else, and bits of them in me. You never know; maybe the particles in our body could originate from the same collapsing star.


But for now, I will walk past you, a nameless individual. The last glimpse I have of you is a worn out sneaker slipping behind a corner.


May we cross paths again.





Your smile feels like something I’ve seen before, in the warmth and laziness of midsummer days, in the soft ebb and flow of the sea. Somehow I’m stuck between wanting to know you and letting you be, the mystery of who you really are unfold in my head. I know you’re more than a pretty face. I’ve seen glimpses of that beautiful mind. I’m hanging onto each word I catch falling out of your mouth as you walk by, oblivious to my presence, engaged in a lively conversation, a little banter with your friends. I know them more than I know you and every once in a while, your name crosses their lips and I almost ask them who you are but I hide my smile and feel my heart sink. I dedicate this song to you. I’ll play it on my guitar in the hallway that you always walk through to go to class. Maybe you’ll notice me someday.



I fell in love with two things today. Hazel eyes and foggy mornings.



Amongst all your beautiful curves, your smile never fails to be my utter favourite. It's
something ethereal; something both radiant yet soft, fierce yet gentle. Your smile embraces the
souls of each person fortunate enough to witness it with tender arms, and it ignites a fire within
their bones so overpowering glancing away would be impossible—even if that meant being
charred to ash. Your smile is worth more than all the stars in the sky. Don't forget to use it.



I dream about them and smile in my sleep, yet I've only ever known them in pictures and stories. you're in my dreams too. In them I wake up in a foreign place next to your familiar warm body. we throw on some hoodies and shoes and go out down the street for espressos and kisses. I love this city. and I love you. But I only know both in my dreams.