30 Days of Photos

An open ended photo project on learning to be present while noticing and documenting the and recognizing the imagery that makes us feel, whether it be happiness, nostalgia or sadness; part of self expression is recognizing the things that change our perspective or feelings. Use this photo as a guide for your own photo journals, there are not right or wrong photos, it is simply what feels right to you in that moment.

Interpret in your own way and take a photo of….

  1. Opposites attracting
  2. Isolation through composition
  3. Look up
  4. Look down
  5. Postcard view
  6. Anti-postcard view
  7. Near & far
  8. The journey is the destination
  9. Self portrait in your favorite place
  10. Blue hour
  11. Propaganda
  12. Something real
  13. Something fake
  14. A bad habit
  15. A good habit
  16. Anticipation
  17. Wind catching (hair, fabric, a plastic bag…)
  18. Something that reminds you of being a kid
  19. Something that makes you feel old
  20. Your favorite thing about your best friend
  21. It’s all right
  22. A private moment in public space
  23. Document your personal space in 3 photos over the duration of 3 days
  24. Let it go
  25. Your favorite kind of weather
  26. Comfortable
  27. Uncomfortable
  28. Anti-fashion  
  29. Alone and loving it
  30. Lonely


  1. Your favorite part your morning routine
  2. A color palette that makes you nostalgic
  3. Body language
  4. DON’T TAKE A PHOTO: Find a moment you would normally take a photo, maybe you’re looking at the sunset with your friends or taking a walk some evening, find the moment you would want to take a photo of and instead don’t take a photo at all. Describe the moment in writing as you would a describe a photo to someone who has never seen what you’re looking at before. How does writing it down feel different? How it makes you feel to leave a photo you wanted to take untaken?