Messy Interviews with YOU, by YOU

We challenged you guys last Friday on Instagram (@themessyheads) to a group project in which you guys, as both readers and vocal individuals, were able to connect and learn about one another. These were the instructions:

-Comment a 🌏 if you want to participate
-Dm someone from the comments and set up an interview!
-Introduce yourself, ask anything, be respectful and kind.
-Edit your favorite two or three questions and answers from the interview that tell a little story about that person or an idea, and email it to -Include your name, your handle, the person you are interviewing's name and handle, and a photo of the person interviewed.

Here are some highlight submissions...

Interviewer: Steph (@stephhalexis), Interviewee: Stef (@aries.stef)

PH: What is something you wish everyone knew about you that you may not reveal to others easily? F: That I love meeting people and getting to know them even though I may come off as shy. I want people to know they can trust me and talk to me about anything because I am very loyal and love helping people and giving advice.

PH: How would you spend your perfect day if money didn't exist? F: If money didn't exist...I would spend my day buying a car or a van, decking it out & heading on an extended road trip!

PH: Do you have a favourite particular vivid memory from you life that you wish you could relive? F: I'm not sure why but I wish I could relive the summer of 2015. It was one of the best summers I have had before I really developed anxiety and I always feel nostalgic for it in a strange way.


Interviewer: Claudia (@xstrellx), Interviewee: Rosie (@rosieeccahill)

C: If you could wake up tomorrow with a new ability or quality what would it be? R: I would love the power to live in my dreams and travel outside the universe...I wanna fly out of the cosmos and see what's outside the world that we live in.

C: What is your most treasured memory? R: When I was small, around six or seven, I went to Greece. I went up to a mountain near the place I was staying at dusk, and we watched the sun go down. The stars came out and we saw all the night fairies come out: fireflies and glow worms. The stars were so clear, it felt like I was in space.

C: What are you most grateful for? R: I'm most grateful for having the open and loving family that I have who make me question everything and love me for who I am.


Interviewer: Tana (@tanasmith76), Interviewee: Monica (@midnightcityoflights)

T: What’s your favorite type of art to consume and/or create? M: I really like music. There are some specific songs and albums that really make me feel some type of way when I hear them. Worlds by Porter Robinson, Junk by M83, I like it when you sleep…by The 1975, and Product 3 by Beat Connection. All of the albums are really great to just close your eyes and really feel.

T: What’s one of your favorite memories from childhood? M: It’s super nice living close to Washington D.C because I can take the Metro and get there in around an hour. I really like going to the Smithsonian Museums. My favorites are the American History and the Hirshhorn (which has modern art).

T: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do? M: I think I would want to travel to New York. I have been there before, but I only saw a couple art museums during that time. I wasn’t able to truly experience it. I admit, I totally romanticize the city, but so much can happen there. There’s no way to describe it.


Interviewer: Evie (@evie.bair), Interviewee: Miida (@miidal)

E: She told me about how she used to try to blend in with the crowd on social media and never truly expressed herself. She said that, when she would post something out of the ordinary, she would get picked on by kids at school. I asked her about how she was able to start putting herself out there, and her response was beautiful, eloquent, and something I think is important for all teenage girls on Instagram to hear.

E: How did you start to express yourself online? M: I realized that first of all, I'm not here to please anybody, and second, I can literally customize my social media to fit my exact style by choosing what to post and who to follow. I unfollowed everyone who wasn't inspiring me in some way and filled my timeline with enjoyable content.

E: What has the response been like from the people who would tease you? M: They really used to tease me but stopped when they realized that I actually do not give a fuck. I just laughed it off and kept doing me.



Interviewer: Victoria (@victoriiaaa.t), Interviewee: Rachel (@rachelkelleher)

V: If you could be any character from a movie/TV/book who would you be and why? R: Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice because of her determination to speak her mind.

V: If you had a whole day free with nothing to do, unlimited traveling and money, where would you go and what would you do? R: I'd fly straight to Maui and spend the entire day hiking, then watch the sunset at the top.


Interviewer: Sam (@Sam_lynd), Interviewee: Audrey (@soft.ray)

S: How would you describe your art and the ideas you want to express? A: My art is just me trying to get all my thoughts on paper and communicate them through music, photography, poetry, or YouTube videos. I want to share things with the world and help make a positive change.

S: If you were to pick one moment when you definitely became an artist, what would it be? A: When I started to get better after everything went to shit. I started to get to know myself, who I truly am. And art is a very [important] part of me.


Interviewer: Emma (@hakamme), Interviewee: Leonor (@leonorbaptista)

E: If everyone could know one fact about their own psychology, what do you think would be important? L: Knowing how our traumas/significant events affect the formation of our relational structure. Relationships are the foundation of human we connect with others, how we perceive them and how we give ourselves to them is a big part of what makes us us. And that is largely affected by big events in our lives (traumatic or not).

E: It's clear from your Instagram, you care about both feminism and veganism. Do you think there are any similarities between these two movements? L: Yes, absolutely. Both movements seek a more humanitarian approach to life. They seek equality. They're both about justice, about treating everyone with respect. Both movements want to put an end to a system based on a hierarchical structure.

E: What do you love about our world? L: I love its beauty, I love its people. I love that there are already so many individuals fighting for what they believe is right and just, and for each other.


Interviewer: Leonor (@leonorbaptista), Interviewee: Emma (@hakamme

L: What has being a model taught you? And what would you like people, specially young girls, to take from your experience? E: Being a model has taught me that no matter how beautiful a person is, someone will always have something negative to say about them. This being true, I want people to know that their bodies are theirs. No one can let you feel unworthy of loving yourself. Your body is your own, you can do what you like with it. It's okay to have insecurities, so long as you don't let them eat you up. Let insecurities be a tiny little black speck on a huge brain full of self love.

L: Why is activism important to our generation? And could you give some tips for people who want to be more participative in their communities but don't know how to start their activism journeys? E: Activism is important because people cannot change for the better if they do not realize they need to. So many of the issues our society has are so ingrained into us, we barely notice things shouldn't be this way until someone points it out, starts making some noise. We have to question how things are, not just accept everything as tradition. The easiest way to start your activism is just by opening your mouth and talking. Every voice that is added to a conversation is important, so start small scale! In doing it, you'll find people who have similar beliefs to you, and you'll find groups who want to make change just like you.

L: I believe every art piece entangles multiple influences. As an artist, what inspires your creative process? E: To make artwork that is any good, it has to be deeply personal, rooted in something you feel, have experienced, or think about a lot. It's hard to have depth to an artwork, something that pulls viewers into thought, if there isn't some kind of personal thought process behind it. So I would say I'm inspired by the constant whirlwind of thoughts that go through my head.