Generation Watch Me, worth listening to

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We are born in 2000, and by some, we are called Generation watch me. It’s a name that makes me curious about how and why we are perceived and judged the way we are. But it’s also a name that weighs me down. Because I do no not think that this name reflects my generation and its values.

Of course, the name does reflect our desire to be seen. However, it lacks insight in why we have this desire. It’s easy to think that we are just seeking attention to feed our egos. But what if I told you that we, the Generation watch me kids, are not seeking out attention solely for our egos? We’re seeking out attention because we can’t communicate the thoughts that wreck our hearts' walls and crumble our dreams of authenticity like used paper. I find it to be as challenging as ever to be true to myself and others. I want to blame social media for this, but after further reflection, I think that society’s intense focus on constant optimization is what’s distancing us from ourselves and each other. Even though not all of us can pinpoint what’s wrong, we know that we are suffering from a kind of unbearable triviality of life.

But simply sensing the problem doesn’t solve it. Sometimes it seems there’s nothing we can do, and I personally think this shared powerlessness is the cause of many depressed souls. Not even our dreams are we allowed to touch, due to patrolling eyes keeping us in place like a chain around our feet - a chain as heavy as the books we must carry on our spiny young backs. We sometimes feel like dull stars; not appreciated, only excluded. But this is not the way it has to be.

We may sometimes be slaves of our own thoughts and concerns regarding the world we live in, but we are not slaves of society. We have the power to change brutal circumstances and the not so enriching way of communicating that exists today. We can change this by drawing attention to ourselves. By setting a good example and speaking our minds, even though our voices may seem too fragile. We need a revolution in schools, in our educational system and in our way of using technology. When we feel dissatisfied with the world, it is our responsibility to stand together and speak up.

There may be statistics and studies showcasing that my generation is selfish and lazy - but they do not have insight. And without insight, statistics are useless. I can only hope that the generations who are claiming these statistics to be true, have not yet come to think that our way of acting could be the consequence of a super-fast evolving society that focuses merely on society optimization rather than individual growth. I can only hope that they’ll one day realize this. But until that time comes, we must never stop drawing attention to ourselves. Because we have strong intentions that deserve to be heard.