Things Rosa Loves

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- things so ugly they are beautiful again

- the smells of the city: gasoline, 1$ coffee, burnt cigarettes

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- chliché teenager movies

- singing out loud in public / seeing peoples reactions

- reflections layering in the golden afternoon sun

- confusion.

- instant ramen after school

- things that are meant to make no sense / that don't have to be explained

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- all things shiny / glossy

- stealing your best friends clothes

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- putting (too much?) meaning into details

- secret naked pics on my camera roll

- things that carry memories


- old photographs of unknown relatives

- the book with all my middle school crushes listed and ranked from best to worst

- my moms huge cd collection

- oversized pants worn with a belt

- late night RuPauls Drag Race marathons


- spirituality

- spoken word poetry

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