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julissa ramirez / all photos from their instagram

u asked, julissa answered! (julissa is an artist, photographer, videographer, muse based in harlem)

how do you go about creating work that’s raw & hasn’t been done before?

When I create work, throughout the process, I’m always questioning my intentions. And I find that when I’m making work because I’m creating images I genuinely want to see in the world - something that’s truly coming from inside myself - it’s always very honest. My intention is to make honest work, I don’t go in with the intention to do something that’s never been done before.

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what matters the most to you?

Being in communication with my friends is always a priority for me, especially since so many of them live far away. My art practice is also super important to me, it’s such a privilege to have the time and resources to make visual art and I don’t take it for granted.

what makes you excited about life? 

Spending time with the people I love, especially when we’re creating something or experiencing something new together. Roller skating outside on sunny days.Also every time I have a good idea for a new project it gives me endless energy.

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how do you overcome fear of sharing work on the internet? 

I’m constantly struggling with the fear of sharing my work online! And recently I’ve started sharing my new work less and less because I want to focus on IRL experiences with viewers and my work, instead of it primarily existing on phone screens.

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fave song right now?

To Possess Is To Be In Control by Puce Mary

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why’d you chose to photograph for eternal sleepover? 

Because I love Emma and Cybelle and I really believe in what they create. Also the timing was right, my best friend in the whole world was in town from London and I’d been wanting to shoot her forever so it was the perfect opportunity.

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favorite places to go as a child?

The beach in Santa Clara Del Mar is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. As a child I just generally loved water so anytime I was at any pool or beach I was having a great time.

how do you get in the mindset of creating work for yourself? 

It can be super hard, especially when I’m feeling stressed out about other things in my life (always). Writing a to do list and cleaning my room helps.

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where do you see yourself living?

In NYC for the foreseeable future but if my grandpa needs me I’ll go to Buenos Aires to take care of him. And maybe once I’m older I’ll move to somewhere warm. 

what’s your opinion on open relationships? 

Open relationships have the potential to be really freeing because they force you to challenge yourself to not feel possessive over your partner. Since monogamy is the norm cheating is seen as the ultimate betrayal, but in open relationships you let go of the idea that it is wrong to desire people other than your partner and are freed of a lot of guilt and shame. Non monogamous relationships can also go awry (like any other relationship) especially when competitiveness, unspoken jealousy, and resentment come into play.

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