Gas Station Bathrooms & A Piece of Paris

Nov 30. (typed between Emma and Cybelle)

all photos by Cybelle , click to enlarge

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E: it’s … 3:41 AM, yeah, how u feeling , how was your day?

C: been anxious all day, so paranoid. but then i scanned some pics. there’s three different bottles of the same color nail polish next to me, cute!

E: what made you happy today? what made you sad?

C: the markets were really cute! cute cute cute!! I say cute a lot lol. yeah, the markets and licorice and hot apple cider and holding hands. what made me sad — just being paranoid, thinking everybody is upset. 

E: do you ever feel bad feelings in pictures you take? or does it all look nice in retrospect?

C: ALL NICE. always in the pics it looks sweet as can be.

E: I think my favorite is your purse hanging on the back of a bathroom stall. It kind of perfectly encapsulates you— this pristine purse (that you carry around all the time now, and even though it’s so small seems to have everything in it…) and I know you took your camera out of your bag while you were peeing or whatever. It’s funny. I also like  the nude of me of course! You took that on Sham’s camera right? He just taught you how to shoot medium format. 

C: Mmhmm..Medium format is SOOO fun and dramatic in comparison to all of my seemingly TINY cameras haha. that nude of u is one of the first pics I got back and scanned from the first roll I shot on his cam. I love it.

E: What are all the places in these photos? and how much time does this span? 

C: Spans a month I think, no actually way longer. At least 2. West coast, up and down. and then Paris. 

E: We have been abroad for about a month and a half now right? I can’t wait to see all the photos you have taken here! But I have to say the cold winter is gripping me tight and making me homesick. Are you still feeling inspired by being abroad? In deutschland now!

C: Yeah I am. But also too cold to think or grow much. 

E: Anything else you want to say about now, this time in our life, or these photos?

C: TOAST TOAST TOAST! lol. lots of sensitivity and tentative plans and missing and loving and longing and pushing on and appreciation and misunderstanding which flip flops fast into understanding. Toast with jam, too much toast. 

E: Agreed. Too much toast. We don’t have a kitchen right now, just a toaster. So it’s like.. toast with jam? Toast with tapenade? Toast with red pepper spread? Toast with olive oil? Toast with smashed garbanzo beans? Like how many toasts can we come up with and call them breakfast lunch and dinner. Love you. 

C: KISSES!! I love u .