We are sitting in an attic in Bangolet waiting for sam to get back from being out with his french boyfriend. Just ate stir fry and chips and gummy pig tails. Listening to Sza’s Z album because remember me for who I was not who I am, I hope you never understand this sweet , sweet, sweet noveber. Asked you guys on instagram to ask us questions. These are our answers.

Favorite color rose?

 CYB: yellow
EM: lavender

SHAM: white


How I do pursue my art when I have no support system?

SHAM: You have to believe yourself and not put your faith into anyone else’s hands. If you believe in your ideas fully, they will turn out the way they are meant to be.  No one else has to believe in them.



What are your tips / advice for breaking out of a rut and starting to create again?

 CYB: Look at or read absolutely anything you never have. Exposure is what you are made of. Exposure to your own thoughts is good too, but if you’re in a rut that’s the whole problem. Literally just become obsessed with something,  it’ll pull you out of it. Then move on and add to your collection of things you love, but yeah!

That works for me.


What’s your favorite place in paris?

 CYB: Yvon Lambert
EM:Yvon Lambert

SHAM: La Marais



(4 em & cyb) When did you know you were in love?

EM: When she cut her hair and dyed it black and I could see her neck.

 CYB: The second I touched her. We didn’t barely touch for a year.. and then we did. <3


Is it a bad idea to get into a relationship knowing it will end?
EM: No one knows anything for sure.



Movie that had the biggest impact on each of your lives?

 CYB: Kiki’s delivery Service
EM: Beatles Yellow Submarine

SHAM: Akira


Where do you want your fulfillment to come from?

 CYB: My every movement, but said with fairy twinkles, not etched onto a magnet that a suburban mom keeps on her fridge in monotype corsiva font
EM: Knowing that I am improving in some way

SHAM: Understanding.


When did you know you had to pursue art  full time?

 CYB: There wasn’t that tough of a transition period because I was friends with mostly people older than me who already pursued art full time, but a bitch is only 19…. So who knows what I will do.
EM: When my professors weren’t teaching or inspiring me and people I was meeting in the artist community were.

SHAM: When I started failing my classes because of it.


How do I get my career in art started?

EM: Sleep on a few couches.

SHAM: Be accepting of change. Get in the mindset. Be willing to give your all.


What’s your favorite food?

 CYB: Thai
EM: Thai

SHAM: Potatoes


Fav color?

 CYB: Pink
EM: Blue

SHAM: Lilac or periwinkle