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u asked, paige answered! (paige maccready is a regular photographer here at messy and has two spreads in our upcoming project, Eternal Sleepover)

favorite memory? wow do i have to choose 1?? uhhh 

probably art nights on mulberry st. w/ em and cyb and ashley, and whoever else came by too. always lots of wine and painting and perfect ashley rolled joints being passed around, music being played and one time em convinced me i would look good w/ baby blue hair and sometimes ashley and i would go sit in the bathroom and have our own lil concert. 2am cyb was making pasta for everyone. i was going through a breakup and it was cold and snowy out but i was surrounded by loving ppl and friends and hugs and couldn’t have made it through last winter w/o it. 

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what is it like in your mind rn? my mind is always like a carousel, every animal a different thought going round in circles lol

favorite photographer? i have too many to choose just 1,, but rn Harry Gruyaert takes the cake 

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advice to 16 yr old me? worry less and do more, the world is a playground!! 

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breakfast of choice? sweet- pancakes or waffles w/ fruit and maple syrup, savory- bagels!! 

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worst part of my day? i don’t like the middle of the day, coffee shakes and questioning existential things, light is flat and boring 12-2pm generally sucks?? 

first time u hung out with em and cyb? my flight was delayed to san fransisco, got there at like 3am and by a stroke of luck em woke up and realized i wasn’t there and let me in (was alone outside w/ my luggage trying to get ahold of both of them), we were piled into a king size bed to sleep even though i had legit never met cyb and my relationship w/ emma was mostly via emails. 

last “late night” text u sent? *insert stream of pics from the past month and emoji hearts* 


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jazz is up next, any questions for him? (jazz has two unreleased songs on the eternal sleepover mixtape, search Jazz Ingram on spotify to listen to some of his music)

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