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jheyda mcgarrell / all photos from their website

u asked, jheyda answered! (jheyda is an artist, based in nyc)

what’s your favorite midnight snack?

Definitely French fries with mayo

how do you cut a soul tie with someone you’ve been intimate with and that’s treated you like shit?

This one is complicated because there's a lot of ways to go about it. There are a bunch of mystical ways and a bunch of humanistic ways, you have to do whatever your soul feels is right. What I think is a good and alchemical way without performing spell work if you don’t actually know what you're doing or have the supplies, is to burn a black candle and out loud, on a paper, whatever u feel connected to write/ say "I am reclaiming my energy and sending all other energy forces connected to my spirit and personage back to where they came from. May all my energy return to me, and so it is" then burn another candle who's meaning matches what you'd like to bring more of into your life ( I like yellow after a break up bc it brings creativity, light, and happiness) make sure while you're doing this you clear your head and set your intention properly so you can manifest the goodness you'd like to bring up

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what does the color orange mean to you?
It reminds me of citrus because oranges used to be my favorite fruit

what’s your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

probably one I took of my cousin at my older cousin's wedding in Georgetown, Guyana. She was wearing a white dress and looked over for one moment at the camera between a big group of people and I got it right at that exact moment. 

any advice when it comes to photographing love/relationships?

Photograph the truth. Let your subject be themselves and not force it for you, make them comfortable and make them love you, when you can share in the love and comfort that they share with each other you can truly experience even a small portion of how they feel for each other and be able to capture that

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what does happiness look like?

Happiness looks like a California sunset that fades from pink to blue as I kiss my lover in their car thats parked at the top of a lookout, I probably would've spent the day leading up to this driving around with friends and photographing something and smoking big blunts, then knowing I'm going to go home to family later to ask my dad about history and hold my moms hand at the end of the night.

do you think your zodiac defines you well?

Absolutely. I'm a Sagittarius to the T, reckless and free as can be. I'm absolutely in love with being a sag and want to effortlessly embody that fire energy everyday 

What motivates you to do what you do, or even just to wake up in the morning?

Some days, not even my desire to make my family proud can motivate me to wake up in the morning. I go through really bad cyclic depression so most of what I do comes as a natural response to simply being alive. I have this need to document the beauty and the depressions of my life so I can give my child self what I have always wanted, representation. I grew up with a camera in my hand, getting my first digital point and shoot when I was about 10, it has just grown attached to my body. I am motivated by love- the ability to create it, document its loss/ progression, and capture how it appears in different scenarios 

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what’s your artistic process like, how do you go from an idea to an actual project?

Honestly, I'm really messy and sporadic so my ideas come to fruition via the thought of them and almost their potential to be immediately produced . 

most inspiring time of day?

3-6 AM. I'm an insomniac since childhood and this time has nourished the hallucinations of grandeur I've come to imagine for myself. I've noticed and wrote so much about how I love this time because it is the dark time in the night until the sunrise starts melting upward, it will break the darkness into layers, almost like oil and water, and ultimately shatter nighttime to reveal the sun and morning creatures that rise with her. 

do you think about going to live in mexico city someday? what are your favorite places there?

I absolutely do, all the time, I am so currently taken with it there and definitely romanticizing a life there. My favorite places there are my friend Monica's kitchen table, where she introduced me to stories of the land I had never heard before- Culican 

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any symbols reoccurring in your life right now?

The number 111 has become my symbol of life during this time, it reminds of how powerful my ability to manifest has become and how my constant self doubt is just an earthly illusion. Roses are my forever symbol

what are your favorite childhood memories?

My all time favorite childhood memory is sitting on the step of my childhood home and watching my mom water the roses and my dad pick pomegranates off the tree. 

THANKS JHEYDA! ❤︎ @jheydamc ❤︎ jheyda.com