Figured the weather was getting chilly enough and our hearts were getting heavy enough to go for a poetry slam. To submit to the next one, send your thoughts, dramatic or otherwise, to messysubmissions@gmail.com

by Michela Pittman

by Michela Pittman


A Season of Remembering

by Witt Hollensbe

Lilacs christened the summer

But in the fall, I feel a leaf

Tumbling down the hill

Spiraling through synapse

Under the weight of your breeze

Memory is all that blooms this winter


shifting, permanence

weather marks only short-term conditions

while climate is marked over long periods of time, 

a more indefinite standing

I try and remember this on my coldest days,

when my temperature drops below freezing,

when the precipitation is high,

and the humidity is heavy

that this is only my temporary weather

and I can find comfort in the nature of my climate,

I will return to a warm state again

and blossom.



The Monster that Doesn’t Live Under the Bed

by Claire Bernard

I was sinking like a stone

I was the stone

Birthed out of tapping and hair pulling and anxious talks in dark nights

I was suffocation

I was everything being closed off from me

I did not want anxiety to become a part of me but instead I became a part of it

It consumed me like a wave of water

Swirling around my feet

I misplaced my step and now I am drowning

It started in the fingers

Shivering up my arms

Into my head 

Into my head

And over and over I choked out the same words of help, but my surrender did not grant me mercy but instead foretold another night of ragged gasping

And every time I reach for the door to exit this prison of the mind

The door is locked

Locked so I grab the key, but my shaking hands could not hold it up to release myself from my mental madness

My heart rate would multiply on the littlest things like tests or birthday parties

I became a shadow of myself and anxiety was the darkness and I was running

Running but never stopping

Running but never escaping

After hitting another night of dead ends I came to realize that anxiety is not something you can run from but rather something inside of you 

And I could not run no matter how many mirrors I shattered how many times I cried out in the suffocation of a dark night

I am no longer a human being rather this thing plagued by a monster that is eating me away bit by bit

I feel myself fading and I reach out but scratch my own arm and suddenly I was bleeding

I wanted to put it to sleep but things like taking pills to help my physical sickness disrupted my mental sickness

And disrupting my mental sickness only woke it up

Locked the door

I wanted to leave my bed but when I sat up my lungs stopped filling with air, so I laid back down

I wanted to stop it so instead of counting sheep I counted breathes



My body shook like I was in a storm, but I was the storm 

I was a chaotic mess of emotions

I was the fingernails digging into your skin

I was an insomniac 

The rings around my eyes reminding me that I can not escape this monster by turning off the lights

I never even thought it needed lights

It traveled on its own putting claw over mouth while whispering


Sitting there eating or trying to talk to a friend and it whispered

Just breathe

But the sickly sweetness on its breath told lies we never could have outrun

This monster becomes me

I have tried to run

I have tried to sink and yet still

This monster becomes me


pre calc daydreams

by Taylor Stahl

a stream of consciousness flows as follows:

i am sat at a table. the lines of the table, chair, and my seated body converge into a plane of angles and shapes and a wide expanse of black and white. i pivot in my mind, the plane shifts… i am in free fall but static in space at the same time. i am weightless but weighed down by the outside world’s rancid ways... outside of this geometric plane filled with equations and my soul’s particles and nothingness. the gravity is the sadness outside of my flat colorless space. i wade through the fourth dimension. it’s pink and green and black static. smooth static vibrating at such a high frequency it’s only undulating softly. It envelops me in color and a sweet smooth resistance. i see a lone moth and reach out to touch it with the tip of my tongue. my tongue extends for miles, but in this dimension, miles don’t exist. my tongue touches the moth’s head. a sweet tender kiss i suppose. he immediately dissolves. the particles disperse and then magnetically attract each other a split second later. they form into the face of the boy i love. it’s quick and irrational and stupid-- but that doesn’t mean anything anymore. the math equations swirl in my mind. all i see is equal signs. i feel the space but not the time. i see the faceless effigies shaking their heads in a circle around me. i then notice the light. a bright white flame. maybe an entryway to another space but a space that has time attached. i guess it’s worth a look……. time to swim. i paddle through the lack of time and then start to swat in slow motion at the linear functions around me. fish that look like y-values suction onto my body and propel me forward. i am now a new entity floating through the infinite mathematical expanse. i sway through the dark. i have a tail behind me made of glowing fish. the light approaches but it doesn’t. i am swallowed by the lack of lack. It’s slow motion. bright warm and brilliant.

then nothing.

goodnight math fishies. y=1/3x+1….. y=-7x+26…….b=420.69