Hello! Welcome to the Messy website. 

We have been up to a lot lately— transition time and figuring out what we want to do with this platform, where we want to go with it and with ourselves, and thinking about how to further connect the community. 


The site has undergone some changes recently— we lost the blog format for full-feeling galleries, but we kind of missed the writing aspect.. Clearly we are still trying to figure it out and this feels like the closest we have gotten yet. 


So welcome to the new site, poke around and see what you find. 


This page (XO) is where you can come for an unofficial newsletter. Let’s be honest.. when I get email newsletters I usually delete them straight away to declutter my inbox. So come here instead to get re-situated about what we are doing and what we WANT to do and need your help with.  


We got to Portland a month ago after (an obviously brutal) winter in NYC. The sun was shining… flowers were starting to bloom.. and we were caught in an awkward in-between of recovering from seasonal depression and being re-inspired. This looks like: filled up stumptown punch cards, riding the 14 bus to and fro, days and days and days at powells, attempting to cover up faded pink hair with a multitude of unsuccessful methods, watching lots of anime, listening to the new Princess Nokia 100 times, listening to  A$AP forever about 100 more times, walking through the heat and the rain and making lots of conjoined art…. including…


MESSY VOLUME 1. We dropped this on April 13th, Friday the 13th to be more specific. A good omen, yeah? Messy volume 1 is basically our proudest creation yet. We don’t really know how to describe it, but we are excited to have found a format that feels rewarding and exciting to create. On the drop day we were literally shaking as we uploaded it and were so happy that y’all were int the idea without knowing what it might look like. We hand bound, trimmed, and folded them, and shipped out TODAY! (april 26) These immediate drops will happen every 13th (for a print something) and every 30th (for a merch something). All at 4 pm PST, just on Put a reminder in ur phone. <3


In discovering this new format, we have been thinking about where we have been. That combined with endless messages asking if we will ever bring the messy issues 1, 2, & 3 back.

We are going to do one last release of the Messy Issues.....

for 3 days. The 27, 28, 29 you can get a physical copy or a digital one (here). Digi downloads will be sent immediately after order, physical will be sent second week of May. 


Jawbreaker is about halfway sold out. This is our first test of a book format, don’t think of it like a magazine (like issues 1, 2, 3). It is more of a coffee-table-picture-book, just not hard cover. There is a very small space in print world today that isn’t voguified (aka a $4.99 ad filled magazine), so spending $50 on a “magazine” is out of our consumer comfort zone, but when every one of the 416 pages is art, and on print quality paper, & most photographers (rightfully so) sell prints for $20 each… it seems there is a disconnect in value. Maybe it will just take a second to prove it’s worth. We want to show that print IS art and valuable just as anything else and publish more “art books” in the future. This is our first installation of the model we are conceptualizing.


If you want to help spread the word about Jawbreaker, click here to download + print some fliers to post up around town. We are thinking that this could be a flier-culture type of build up, from communities and grassroots outreach. If you end up printing + posting any around your campus, favorite coffee shops, etc, send us pics to! 


If you want to dive into jawbreaker for free before you buy, check out the website we built in tandem with the publication.


And if you want to be part of the conversation about vulnerability and how society’s expectations prevent us from being fully ourselves, check out the Jawbreaker tag & film your own. 


Alsooooo, we don’t have a FAQ, but you can shoot us questions anon or not, at our tumblr. Yeah we are getting back to those blogging roots. 


Okay, that’s it for now! Check back on this page (xo) for updates. 


To sign off, we are gonna say, listen to the new Princess Nokia. Oh, and if you haven’t listened to Blood Orange Freetown Sound, that is on your list too. 



Emma + Cybelle

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