when did the reality come? i think it must have been....

I think reality came

When I watched an old man cry

On a street corner during Fourth of July

I was not in America there were no fireworks in the sky

He cried for suffering found on a women's feet

as she walked up the street

towards her cardboard house she smiled at with kind eyes despite the heat

The same house people back home

Would take a turn three blocks early

Just to avoid having to look at the ugly stained concrete 

A women they would never deserve to meet

The old man cried for the boy too skinny to walk to the supermarket and beg for bread

The same one who three weeks later was found dead

From the dread of knowing his mother was not happy.

The old man cried for the blazing sun which rose each morning after he begged for some rain water to drink

And still got none

Reality came

When I stood in these same streets

A little bit east of Italy

When I realized my life was a game

How different it was

I was not the same

When I saw your name

On the other side of the world

And my palms still became sweaty 

My heart rate unsteady

But you said you weren't ready

So I flew over here

They said to give it a year

They said it would give me more 

Than you ever could

That maybe I'd start feeling good

So how come I'm here

Standing in this violent heat

Hearing the engines of cars and the harsh breaths of the people

Who are just trying to find some food to eat

Why am I here to find a new reality

When I see your name

In an old broken picture frame

And the only reality I come to

Is that I still love you