the ego versus the soul

I’ve noticed it’s getting increasingly harder – but more important than ever - to slow down and reflect in this fast-paced society. We’re always pushed to look ahead, but rarely inward. It’s too easy to lose ourselves in the process, allowing our ego’s to lead instead of our souls.  The ego is essentially the illusion of self, belonging to the world of appearance. It’s who we think we are, not who we actually are. Our ego is our personality constructed by the images we see, the people we aspire to be, the movies we watch, the music we listen to etc. External forces influence the ego.    


Internally, this leads to a conflict between ego and soul. While the ego is the mask put on, the validation needed from others, the hunger for social status and wealth; the soul does not concern itself with any of that. The soul is the most pure state of being beyond ego, fear, and influences around us. Our soul doesn’t look for external validation because it is completely fulfilled with being itself. This means that whatever situation we find ourselves in, we don’t compare and we don’t wish for a way out. It’s essentially being in any situation and making the best out of it. But it doesn’t mean that our true selves are satisfied with being static (and not working towards any goals) it just means that we already have everything we need right now in order to reach those goals in life. We don’t need to look for answers in other people and other things when we have all the power, courage, and love within us! So one of the most important personal discoveries is the recognition of when we are living through our ego’s, which can help us start limiting the chance of being overpowered by it. The goal is to control the ego and not let it control us.   


Living a life controlled by the ego is essentially living a life through others. The ego wants to be constantly validated, both positively and negatively. For example, when we fight and have arguments with our loved ones it’s usually our ego telling us that we should win at all cost. We want to prove to them that we’re smarter and our view makes more sense then theirs. But it’s time to start asking ourselves: why? Take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Is this argument worth potentially hurting a relationship? It usually never is. The ego is powerful and destructive because it makes us prove things we don’t have to, want things we don’t need, crave simplistic goals. We are only feeding it by seeking external validation or allowing ourselves to be influenced by the surroundings around us. 


However, we as people always have the ability to change! The greatest realization is that we are bigger than our egos. There is a fire within us that will light through darkness and hate. The ego may be powerful but when we seek the strength inside, it is greater than any force. With all the distractions around us, it can be difficult to be with oneself. But the journey will always begin by looking internally - not externally. We need to go beyond the ego and distance ourselves away from the gaze of strangers. That is where our essence lies. 


Our soul is freedom and peace. It is the acceptance that all the solutions we seek are within ourselves. There is no fear. Our goals are driven by passion and love rather than attention and materialism. We feel so unconditionally happy and secure with who we are that no words and actions can shake us. Comparison and judgment no longer have any meaning or affect. We are conscious of our actions and mind, spreading light to others and ourselves. When situations change – there is no resentment. Instead, we flow effortlessly with life. This enlightenment does not happen overnight but with constant effort to awaken and blend with your soul while radiating joy and light, it is bound to happen. And it is absolutely something to look forward to. Our soul is truly the embodiment of love.       


When we find the true essence of our being, we find that we are everything we need.