a void even illusions can't fill

Our frequencies bounce off,

Dissolving a chance to

Mitigate a life together

A formwork of solids

Vibrating to the syncopation of

Our inconclusive pace

This expansive space between us

Creates a void that

Even illusions can’t fill

An empty membrane of 

Fallacy and the unknown

I jump in only to be repelled

By a wave of insecurity

With no security of knowing

Wether this connection

Between us is real


This character,

This figure

A vessle that contains

Unrealized energy


Transforming into


Until one day we burn

Out with the same

Inensity that created us


The exhilaration of life


An anxiety for death

A paradox that creates itself

A troubled soul

Reduced to nothing

By the sheer magnitude of



Your mind is a foreigner

An immigrant finding

solace in my head

You come to me

Face first, yet

You show ambivalence


Does the prospect of

Vulnerability put you off.

Does you rigid temperance

Turn you on?