wakanda forever

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artist's statement:

The new Marvel film, Black Panther, is not only a big deal because it celebrates a black hero, but also because it is one of the first blockbuster superhero movies that celebrates African culture.

I recruited models from the Black Student Union at Trinity University and we combined wardrobes and replicated face paint patterns from the movie to create the look you see here. For collaging, I used traditional African fabrics and motifs from many different regions including Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. However, I made sure not to use any ceremonial or religious icons because I greatly respect their cultures. My friends in BSU said that it was a wonderful experience to get in touch with their roots and to be a part of a tribute to the cinematic masterpiece.

A big thank you to the models Kezia, Alejandro, Kristian, Briahn, Tahlar, Syne, Kievan, and Hamza.

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