swimming fireflies— a short story

When I was a kid, my mom and I would wait for the sprinklers to come on at midnight to run through them while the fireflies were still in the air. Afterwards still soaking from the water works, we'd walk down the block to the bodega to get icys. I always avoided the coconut and banana flavors (those still are the worst lol). 

One time while getting icys with my cousins, I figured i'd give coconut another chance. By the time we got back to the building, the fireflies were out along with the sprinklers they swam through. By this point, I had already realized the mistake it was for getting coconut and was so disappointed in my self I started crying on the spot. 

Too embarrassed to say why, I just asked for my mom and refused to move from the middle of the field. The fireflies low-key freaked me out. Cell Phones weren't as common back then so my cousins shouted for her to come downstairs until she came on the balcony. 

She came down and walked me back to the house holding my hand, with a mostly melted coconut icy in my other.