Dear Terra, Love Lunar

The lunacy that Lunar sees.
Life forms arguing with oceans between,
Beauty in its form though thought only as a barrier, 
Why must she separate herself in such a manner?
A question to Earth from a curious neighbour,
Why oh why do you do nothing for your favor?
You're such a contradiction in all shape and form,
That even your children struggle to look to dawn.
They stay forever begrudged and always ached by something,
Consumed by greed and terrified of unfamiliar company.
How did you get here? Has this always been?

Do you enjoy the conflict? Satisfaction of a kink? 
Or is there something between the lines of unreason; something unseen?

So many questions answered with only silence,
Either Terra is a mute or she is blinded by violence.
A deafening repetition of an age old record,
Can she not hear her own soul beckon?
Has her skin grown thick and vailed her eyes?
Or is it love? Does she turn and turn her cheek to compromise? 
For your flowers are paved over,

Yet still proud you wear that makeup guise.

Now if love is the cause I can truly understand,
As it has made me locked on a gaze to stand,
For love follows no logic, only sure reason,
To feel that feeling; oh what a bittersweet demon.
So that must be the answer, your love is too strong,
You know your in pain, but for which you prolong,
To spend more time with your cherished,
Or rather you ever perish.
Some things require sacrifice, 
Some things are fatally selfish. 

Yes I know the struggle, 
I am in the same sea boat,
As I too would rather die slow, 
Than leave you alone in this infinity to float.