Things I've Barely Told Anyone

I don’t consider my art viable

I can’t whistle

I think I’m gay

Waking up late makes me feel terrible 

I resent my dad for cutting down the trees in our backyard

I made my mom cry

My brother called me a cunt once

I have to distract myself from my sadness

Reading is not a great passion of mine

I’m terrified to live somewhere else

I’m scarily unapologetic

<It actually scares me how little I care for people sometimes>

I constantly make excuses for myself

Once I almost killed my dog

Once I killed my guinea pig

<<It was an accident don’t worry>

I don’t think I love my uncles

I didn’t cry when my grandmother died

<I think I just miss going to her house>

I hardly appreciate photography

I don’t appreciate portrait artists or hyper realistic paintings

Listening to a death metal song the whole way through is incredibly painful

My aunt’s laugh sounds like a dying animal

When I was younger I was obsessed with warrior cats

I have a crush on Isabel Greenberg

< what a fantastic human being>

I don’t think I;m beautiful but I don’t think I have to be either

God my friends are pretty though

I cannot sympathize with people who don’t feel at home in their own bodies

I don’t know the numbers of the months

A guy hit on me at the beach one time. I saw him later with his girlfriend

I haven’t cried in months

I think religion has ruined so many good things

My lack of friends is disturbing to me

After reading Romeo and juliette I was just unimpressed

Sex Is super hecking weird like wtf

My name makes me sound like I should be a stripper <its ruby>

Bodies are gross sometimes and I think people need to admit that more

I hate newyork city

I accidentally stole 150 dollars from my parents

I act like I could break rules but I couldn’t

People like to say be yourself but im mildly sure im a bitch so where does that leave us as a society ?