You’re alone in this, its nicer that way.

Everything is you.

I think of the person I want to become,

I don't know if I am happy with the way I am.

Am I happy in general?

Day by day I grow within myself and some days I grown into myself.

It's kinda like a puzzle, some of my pieces have been lost,

and i’m getting them back.



Its personal,

its everything,

yet nothing.

You feel alone,

but you know your not.

I am in a room full of people,

but I still feel empty inside.

What is that?

I have everything and there is still nothing,

what is that? 



Not everyone is born with a passion or a hobby they love, some instead don't have passion.


Pressure is what makes the world go round, its what drives us, we feed from it. 


I feel pressure at the bottom of my feet,

its the only thing keeping me here,

I feel magnets below me,

its the thing pulling me down here, 

the part I hate most is that it never ends,

it keeps going deeper and deeper.