favorites — movies & little moments


✮romeo + juliet (1996)

✮the soon-to-be Blood Orange album + the classic Channel Orange

✮Mickey Avalon self titled album

✮going dancing at goth clubs/ punk clubs (dress up, paint your face)

✮early 2000s music alllll the time

✮revisiting Gwen Stefani, hard

✮leave your phone in a drawer for as long as you can, let it die, don't charge for a few days, get off fucking social media, it's summer time

✮facetime screenshots

✮ the PCH, listening to songs on full blast

✮waking up and getting outside first thing, for a short walk around the block or ending up turning into a whole day outside

✮focusing a lot on what you love. if you haven't picked up your camera in a while, take 100 pictures a day, if you haven't read a book in a while, read 3 this week. do the most and do it every day, satiate yourself with it

✮going to the 99 cent store, get a few stupid things to do a photoshoot with

✮windows open, don't mind the bug bites in the night

✮essential oils: lavender on your temples, peppermint on your stomach (great for cramps)

✮when the traffic gets really bad

✮symmetrical art (religious art)

✮avocado on rice cakes, add olive oil and salt and pepper

✮peaches, fresh

✮backyard pools, skinny dip

✮los angeles bedrooms- broken blinds that let sun in, orchids, coffee in chipped mugs, warm wood floors with blow up mattresses acting as furniture.

✮stumbling into sunsets and rises, no need to climb to the roof- they practically fall onto your lap here (LA)

✮walks at dusk when the asphalt is still warm from baking all day