playlist, strawberry stains

driving back and forth down the PCH, box of strawberries + a coffee. streetlight + sprinkler serenade, windows made for shopping & windows into worlds you may stumble into if you take a left onto rodeo. fall asleep early wake up early to fall asleep early and wake up late to stay out later.

❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿


"who has a car?"

"can we go to the beach?" "please!"

slip into the chateau, only when the music is right.

french fries at red lights and green ones when we light (up).

american summer, supposed to be somewhere.. but the days bleed (so do my skinned knees) and july is almost gone.

dewdrops like lace made for ever-green grass.

hello kitty band aid, cherry kool-aid.

five dollars and a diet coke on the tile counter.

phone call home.

vanilla on her wrist, we paint each others nails red every other day.

once the sun burns off the clouds and out goes the power, bye bye cable TV. 

****also listen to 'Strawberry Swing' by Frank Ocean**** please