Lost in a Digital Realm

Dropping out of high school and taking courses online.

Mom’s getting braces because she thinks her teeth look crooked in photos.

Sharing on social media “the real you” and not getting any likes. fuck.

When people think i'm unapproachable becuz i don’t know how to use internet slang irl.

Even sadness and depression is comical. Too much laughing. Feels wrong.

Making depop mood boards cuz i can’t figure out how to do the real thing.

Enjoying a moment with my family and friends but someone pulls out a phone so they can take a pic for FB.

Being horny and drunk and dumb and having an outlet for all of it..

sending thoughts and ideas through a platform that will delete it all.

Being connected to people who are bad for you for too long.

The frustration of watching a friend scroll as I sit right next to them. talking to them.

Writing movie scenes that have already been written in iPhone notes.