just a compliment

fine elena here

he asks for my number,
just in case
I don’t want to be rude, so I give it to him and now he will not stop texting me

he starts a conversation with me to,
just to say
you’d look much hotter with your hair down to your ass

he notices my tattoo,
just to joke
that I look hot as a radish

he asks me if I’d marry and if I’m a lesbian in the same sentence,
just wondering

he just
barely brushes my arm

am I just a piece of produce to him

am I just a peach in his eyes, juicy, bright, refreshing

he has actually called me “refreshing”,
just like a glass of lemonade on a hot day

don’t worry, I’ll just
smoke by myself,
I am  
just your chill girl, I don’t care
when you cancel our plans and
I’ll still here when you need me

everyday I’m working on the street, seen as if I am working the streets for him  

in a lot of ways
I know that it’s because of small frame, my white skin, and my youthful face
just the ideals of beauty,
created by him

don’t take it so seriously