Thinking about Freedom

Thinking I made about freedom

‘ Freedom is about leaving behind everything this world has ever been to you, and everything you’ve ever created, to enter a place where it’s just you,
in front of reality, feelings, to what is true. With no strings attached. 

It is not about losing everything you had and then be thrown out of your comfort zone.

Because I think you can’t experience true freedom by staying in a world we have entirely created. 

Freedom can be felt only beyond our society, in a place where you are no one and everyone. It’s the very origin as who were are as individuals. 

You get there by questioning everything you have ever known, until, well, there is nothing left to question, because nothing has ever been defined.
Questioning the very existence of humans, as persons, as beings.’ 


‘ Nothing is real. 

We live in a world we have created. Everything is made up, and we are just fooled. Nothing matters, as it is all a floating society. 

The only authentic thing we have is feelings.
But actually, most of the people does not even know how to feel those emotions properly. 

They just pretend to be affected by the emotions they’ve been told about,
but they’ve actually never been the the deepest places of the individual where emotions have never been defined. Most of them have really experienced true sensations. 

That’s how they carry on blindly, not looking beyond the unreal.’