Only Friend (Video!)



If you have flipped through Jawbreaker, maybe you caught the conjoined interview towards the end featuring Kailee & Monica, BFFs & creatives behind the clothing line Only Friend, based out of Kailee's scrap covered bedroom floor in NYC. Only Friend features repurposed and one of a kind pieces with phrases across them that demand the wearer and the reader to think a bit harder about the lines between femme and masc, dirty and sexy, soft sweet and sharp. Only Friend is the punk/girly mash up of your dreams. Here's a look at their latest drop, & in Kailee's words...

"The newest collection gives nod to diy culture and the pop punk aesthetic of jenny humphrey's guerrilla fashion show via gossip girl circa 2008.

Throughout the growth of only friend, I have presented consistency through the use of text, bright colors, and girly embellishments. Ribbons bows and trims have been used in excess lately and I plan to continue to utilize these motifs in order to fight femininity with femininity. 

I am obsessed with the contrast between the grunge aesthetic and Harajuku style - so you will definitely continue to see more over the top Lolita pieces through the growth of my brand."

Check out Only Friend's Instagram here  & shop their website here!

& check out the launch video, filmed by Madeleine below