Samuel's Upcoming Show, Breakfast, and take on America.

The first text Samuel ever sent us was a picture of him, a selfie, he’s smiling. He has short hair, he’s holding up a peace sign with a big painting behind him. “Hi It’s Sarmurr.” Over months he sends: selfies, poems, paintings, music, updates. He’s trying to get his passport and visa together for America. He sends prayers and asks for prayers. Sends funny videos of him dancing with friends or painting outside. 

He applies for his visa…. and he gets it! He’s coming to America! Ghost Gallery wants to host his first solo show here!

His first month: his luggage is stolen, two cars are broken into, he makes 6 paintings in a motel 6. In New York, his roommate sets him up to be robbed, takes his passport, credit cards, and half a sandwich. He Facetimes us, laughing, gives his usual response: that it’s all how it was intended to be.  

That’s how his art feels: chaotic, exciting, energetic, colorful, without reason, until it’s just how it was intended to be and the essence shows through. In his studio he plays Brazilian Funk or Travis Scott and works frantically on 4 pieces at once, sometimes with both hands, feverishly, like he’s a wind-up toy. Random shapes, lines, and colors sprouting from his paintbrush and hands suddenly form a scene as he crosses the last T and dots the last i of his work. 


Getting to know him, his feminine side is my favorite part about him. How really carefree he is, how carefree he makes you feel. At the same time, he is such a caring person. I feel like I’m just beginning to know him, and I’ll meet him over and over, every time I see him again. 

-Shamshawan Scott


We are happy to present an inside look into Sam’s studio as he prepares for his debut American gallery, “Belas Feridas” or “Beautiful Wounds”.

photos by Cybelle

interview by Emma

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