30 Days of Photos Challenge

30 days of photos challenge

Creative challenge to inspire yourself, recreate the world around you, view things differently. You can join us on social media and hashtag #makesomethingmessy or keep them for yourself, maybe print them out and make a mini zine of your 30 days? We will have a P.O. box soon, you could send it there <3

Anyway, brought to you from the mind of Paige Maccready, here are daily prompts, themes, messages to aid you in your next 30 days of creativity.

Start whenever, take on whatever device, capture the word or phrase however you can in shapes, colors, moods, people, things, places.

Copy & paste the list for your notes or download one of the photos below for your phone background

  1. wrinkles 

  2. slouch

  3. EXIT 

  4. quiet

  5. pretty ugly 

  6. beneath the surface 

  7. squeeze 

  8. collapse

  9. gross 

  10. modified 

  11. consume 

  12. crumbs 

  13. in between 

  14. pull apart 

  15. slope 

  16. feels like ____ 

  17. disfunction 

  18. pretend 

  19. self portrait not of your physical self, looking for yourself in inanimate objects 

  20. repetition 

  21. zoomed in 

  22. slowly

  23. in pieces 

  24. sweets

  25. falling

  26. heart eyes 

  27. caught in the middle 

  28. infinite 

  29. tangled

  30. slip

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