i don't live in seattle i live in the suburbs 

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i don't live in seattle i live in the suburbs 

and its really difficult to live here

in highschool i had friends but i just slowly distanced myself from them because they just smoked weed and played videogames


i don't know, i got tired of that. so i just felt alone even though i had a support base. i didn't feel like i could completely relate to them.

we made music together but i felt like i was the only one who took creativity seriously

it's fun to get better at something instead of just scrolling through your phone

so i started to hang out with other people who were more healthy for me

but they weren’t artists, but i just brought my camera with me and i started to fall in love

 i think that kept me sane until they moved away for college

and now im here, alone in the suburbs except for me and my girlfriend

i go to seattle (40 min drive) like every other week just to meet up with the friends i made there 

 it feels good

im doing what i have wanted since like.. freshman year of highschool.

i know the scene. people know me. it's good. things are going good. i just.. don't have that many personal relationships. except for my girlfriend and these two guys i met.

just young dumb shit. might as well do it. i don't even spend my fucking paychecks. they just accumulate in my room. i'd rather spend it on experiences than food or something. especially while i don't have to pay any bills except for my car bill. 

i don't know. just.. look at my pictures. i'm proud of them.

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