Video Bite 2


Introducing BITES. A series of curated content from everywhere on the internet, even you, split up into VIDEOS, IMAGES, and TEXTS just like our site is. This is a place to go to find random inspo that is outside of social media bubbles so you don’t get sucked in to 1) feeling depressed 2) messaging your ex 3) scrolling for hours 4) left feeling down and uninspired. If you like a piece in partcular and want to learn more about the creator or artist, start doing your research and digging deeper and hopefully leave feeling more fulfilled with just a little bite.

"Mañana" is our third Music Video for the argentinian band Usted Señalemelo. Produced by Rudo Company, most of the piece was animated straight ahead and painted frame by frame. Credits: Directed by Rudo Co. Produced by Rudo Co. Story by Ezequiel Torres and Pablo R. Roldán Art direction by Ezequiel Torres and Euge Beizo Animation Direction by Ezequiel Torres Design Eugenia Beizo Ezequiel Torres Character Design Ezequiel Torres Eugenia Beizo Coordinator Mailén Gayoso Animators Ezequiel Torres Pablo R. Roldán Leandro Vargas Eugenia Beizo Micaela Gabot Gabriel H. Fermanelli Gastón Pacheco Ezequiel Matteo Cel Animation Assist / Color Ezequiel Torres Pablo R. Roldán Eugenia Beizo Micaela Gabot Inés Fragueiro Diego Barrionuevo Ezequiel Matteo David Andrés López Matías Petroli Margarita Cubino Martín Prenassi Gabriel H. Fermanelli Camila Strusa Composition Ezequiel Torres Pablo R. Roldán Micaela Gabot
In the new FADER doc, Countin' Up, Rico Nasty opens up about her personal life behind the music and rock star persona she exudes in the public eye. She painfully remembers the close relationship she had with her son's father before he passed due to an asthma attack and the ensuing trauma, which included attempted suicide on two occasions.