Photographer Andrea Urbez: Orange Juice, The Color Green, & Bitten Nails.


Andrea Urbez is a photographer currently based in London. Find her website here, & social media here.

All photos by Andrea (click to enlarge)

interview by Cybelle

How have you been?

I‘ve been good! Very busy which is always a good sign. 

Talk a bit about London and being an artist there:

I moved here two years ago after living in Spain my whole life. It is a beautiful city. It can get really depressing though because of the weather, I‘m used to having sunny days every day of the year, but the "art world" here is insane, there are so many great opportunities and inspiring people I have met in just these 2 years. I can see myself living here for the rest of my life. Of course, still visiting home regularly to get some Vitamin D now and then! 

What’s usually for breakfast?

Fresh orange juice and multi-seed nut butter with peach jam on toasted rye bread! Very precise, I know.

Three movies that best explain you at the moment:

Tricky question…According to an online quiz I just took Star Wars is one of them ( fun fact, I‘ve never watched Star Wars). But my 3 favorite movies are The Help, Matilda and The Truman Show if that tells you anything about me.

Three songs that best explain you at the moment:

Can I Kick It by A Tribe Called Quest

Movin Out by Billy Joel

Pink Matter by Frank Ocean


Bad habit you can’t kick?

 Biting my nails, all the time. 


Place you’d rather be?

New Jersey or New York City, where I spend my summers. 

Was there a time you wished you’d be where you are now?

Yes! In my junior and senior year of high school I would always dream about moving to London someday and work on my photography full time. 

Who’s your favorite person to get a telephone call from?

My friend Lena, I only ever get to see her in the summer. She always calls me out of the blue and manages to change my mood completely.

Who’s your favorite subject to take photos of?

Possibly my friend Lena as well! She has the prettiest hair and freckles.

In what way does color impact your work?

I used to shoot only in color but I‘m getting really into black and white film at the moment. I guess color is very important to me as it can represent so many different emotions, certain colors can make people feel a certain way.

One color stays, the rest go… Which do you keep?

Green. I lived in the middle of the woods back home, I was surrounded by the color green.

❤︎thanks andrea!