Brie: All make me happy, all make me sing (interview)


Q&A with Brie Moreno , interview by Cybelle Corwin

all photos & drawings are brie’s creations (click to enlarge)


At this moment, what are loveable colors, sounds, textures, flavors, words… to you?

Pastel pinks and yellow scattered into confetti lucite (especially on lucite purses), moss, opal rings, clear magenta, pops of colour on a beige outfit, balls of clay, haruomi hosono, running a bath, flower mutations, ghost orchids, licorice, rhubarb, cherry flavoured lollipops, soda water.


In a box of your collected treasures, what are 5 things we would find?

Opal graduation ring that belonged to my mother, a gold ballerina necklace that I received when I was three, “I Love You This Much” pink Russ Berrie figurine, “God is Love, Love is God” jacket by Nozomi Ishiguro, Signifiant by Yui Toshiki


rings made by brie (click to enlarge)

What’s your go to midnight snack?



Explain your dream bedroom:

White walls, green marble floors, super clean, fresh white bed sheets that have been ironed to perfection, a big desk with all the essentials properly organized in hidden compartments, lots of shelves to display all my figurines, theremin stand in the corner, a gorgeous vanity, big walk in closet, projector above my bed, fireplace fire place directly opposite the bed… I’d love a mini kitchen stuck in there somehow but I feel then there would be no reason to leave my bedroom.


Explain yourself in things you can see right now:

At the moment there are some tulips on my bedside table that have just opened after a week of making my room like like spring ,and are about to go limp soon. I’m moving back to Canada after two years of being in gorgeous London, and I feel a bit like those tulips.

brie’s drawings (click to enlarge)

What do you know that we don’t?

A mini frother and matcha powder really can  bring happiness


What’s your current outlook on life?

Positive… critical… overall optimistic. Life will get better when we continue to chose love over hate.

Write a poem:

A cat, a bird, a dog and some beads,

Mochi, flared jeans and a good book to read

All make me happy, all make me sing

The cherry on top?

A dangly ring

Thanks brie!! ❤︎